There is a lot of excitement at Diamond Valley Dentist when a shiny piece of equipment is delivered to our Hemet, CA office, or we receive training in a cutting-edge dental technique. However, that is not why we make the investment in advanced technology. Our goal is to provide positive experiences – comfortable, efficient, and effective – that help patients look forward to future visits. Technological innovations are an important part of that commitment.

Some of the advanced technology at our Hemet, CA office

 Digital dental X-rays – The ability to see internal structures is essential in diagnosing dental problems and planning treatment. Digital technology makes X-rays even safer, significantly reducing the already low radiation exposure for the patient. Digital X-rays “instantly” provide clear, high resolution images that you and the doctor can view together on a monitor or share with your other providers, for integrated healthcare.

  • Intraoral cameras – This little device, about the size of a pen, gives a clear view of structures inside the mouth. These images help us detect tooth decay or other oral problems in their earliest stages, when treatment is least invasive and most economical.
  • Laser dentistry – Laser technology in dentistry is an amazing advance of this era. In the past, cavity detection relied on visual examination and X-rays. The CariVu transillumination device shows us tiny cracks and the earliest areas of decay not otherwise visible. This painless technique has a 99 percent cavity detection rate.
  • DryShield – This tool gently holds the mouth open, relieving strain on your jaw, and keeps the tongue and cheek out of the way while the dental team works. DryShield also prevents liquid and debris from entering your airway. With multiple mouthpiece sizes, child and adult patients enjoy this level of comfortable care.
  • Electric handpieces – The noise and vibration of a drill can be unsettling for anyone – especially a patient with dental anxiety. The quieter, smoother operation of this type of handpiece improves the patient experience.
  • Ceiling TVs – Watching your favorite show can make a routine hygiene appointment more fun, or help time pass quickly for an extensive procedure. It also provides pleasant distraction for a nervous patient. With this clever positioning, you won’t have to strain your neck to watch.

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