Ice Cravings – A Sign of Something Worse?

Ice Cravings - CA

We all know someone who asks for extra ice just so they can chew on it. And we’ve probably all heard that chewing ice is not healthy for your teeth. So what’s the truth? Is it best to put a stop to ice chewing? Absolutely, and for more reasons than most people are aware of. Hemet dentist Dr. Nathan Jergensen wants everyone to know why chewing ice is a bad habit, so please read on for the facts! Why should I stop chewing ice? Ice is hard. So hard, in fact, that pitting it against your teeth regularly will most … Continue reading

The Smoking Gun: Tobacco & Oral Health

Tobacco and Oral Health - CA

They say not everything natural is good for you. Nature has many poisons that humans have experimented with and learned the hard way to avoid. Tobacco is a popular plant that we’ve learned can really do a number on your health. Using tobacco is a personal and communal practice that can be really hard to avoid, even if you know it’s bad for you. Working with your doctor and Hemet dentist Dr. Nathan Jergensen will be essential if you’re concerned about your health and want to stop using tobacco. What Is Tobacco? Tobacco is a green, leafy plant that has … Continue reading

Why Do We Have Baby Teeth?

Why Do We Have Baby Teeth - CA

Baby teeth, also called deciduous, primary, milk, or lacteal teeth, have many different purposes. Hemet dentist Nathan Jergensen, DDS is asked the purpose of baby teeth often. So what’s the answer? Tiny Teeth for Tiny Mouths Child-sized mouths are not large enough to accommodate a full set of adult teeth, so the primary teeth become placeholders in the jaw, saving spaces for adult teeth to grow in as they begin to surface from under the gums. Baby teeth usually begin to erupt around 6 months of age, but may begin forming in the womb even before birth! By the age … Continue reading

Oral Anatomy 101

Oral Anatomy 101 - CA

Welcome to your mouth! A healthy mouth is necessary for a healthy life. You might be surprised how many different parts work together to make your mouth function. Read more below from Hemet dentist Nathan Jergensen, DDS to get an in-depth look at the human mouth and how it works. Teeth The look and function of your teeth make your first impression and impact your daily life and confidence.  You’d also be lost (and very hungry) without these shining beauties. Adults have 32 teeth and babies have 20. The four different kinds of teeth you have are: Incisors in the … Continue reading

Don’t Have a Stroke – Your Dentist Can Help

Don't Have a Stroke - Dentist Can Help You

You might be surprised to hear that the state of your oral health has a lot to do with preventing a stroke. There’s a certain kind of bad oral bacteria that cause gum disease, travel to other parts of your body, and cause harm. A stroke is a common but dangerous medical condition that causes a lack of blood in the brain. The effects of a stroke can be long-term and life-changing. People of any age can experience a stroke, but it’s most common in adults 40 years and older. Oral Wellness The Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center lists … Continue reading

Gum Disease: More Than Just Gums

Your Mouth - A Picture of Health

Your Mouth: A Picture of Health Did you know that when a dentist looks at your mouth, they can tell a lot more than just how often you’re brushing? It’s true-your oral health is like a window into your lifestyle and habits. Dr. Jergensen at Diamond Valley Dentist should know. We’ve seen mouths from all over Hemet in our office! If you’re not taking care of the rest of your body, your gums will give it away. Hormones, sickness, stress, diet, smoking, prescription medicine, and more can all affect your gum health, and that goes both ways. If you don’t … Continue reading

Crowns, Bridges, Dentures & Implants: The Facts

The facts about Crowns, Bridges, Dentures and Implants

There are lots of ways to deal with missing or damaged teeth. You’ve probably heard one of us at Diamond Valley Dentist talking about implants, dentures, bridges, and crowns, but have you ever wondered what they are and how they work? Dr. Jergensen knows that folks in Hemet like to be informed, so think of this as your personal guide to dental restorations that might end up in your mouth. Crowns, Bridges & Dentures, Oh My! At some point in time, most of us will lose at least one adult tooth. The most common cause of tooth loss is gum … Continue reading

Veneers – Not Just for the Silver Screen

Veneers - Not Just for the Silver Screen - CA

There’s a lot of hair and makeup that goes into making your favorite stars sparkle on the screen. And while we can’t all hire a professional artist to make us look perfect every day, there is a lasting solution to giving you that perfect Hollywood smile – veneers! Dr. Jergensen in Hemet is an experienced and trusted provider of veneer treatments. What are Veneers? Veneers are a very strong, paper-thin cover over your teeth. They look just like real teeth, but even better. Veneers are often used to improve the look of teeth with spacing and alignment issues or staining … Continue reading

Sugar: Teeth’s Worst Nightmare

Sugar - Teeth's Worst Nightmare - CA

People in the United States eat more sugar than any other country in the world. (Fortunately, we also have some of the best dentists in the world.) You hear it all the time: “sugar rots your teeth.” But is it true? What exactly does sugar do to your teeth and why is it so bad? You might want to learn more about this substance that is added to nearly every edible item in the grocery store. Hemet dentist, Dr. Jergensen tells us more below. Sugar 101 All food causes some buildup on your teeth. After eating and drinking, little bits … Continue reading

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

What to Do in a Dental Emergency - CA

Accidents are never planned and rarely anticipated, but good dental care is always ready and available 24/7. Like all medical emergencies, dental emergencies require quality care, and fast! Here’s what to do if you think you have a dental emergency on your hands. What is a Dental Emergency? If you are in a lot of pain or have experienced trauma that puts your oral health at risk, you should seek emergency dental treatment immediately. Sports impact, chewing hard food, using teeth as scissors, and infections can all cause a dental emergency. Pain and swelling, discoloration of gums or teeth, or … Continue reading

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