Can Plaque Cause Tooth Loss?

What is Plaque - CA

If you’ve ever gone too long between brushing your teeth, you know how slimy and dirty your teeth can feel. Some people lovingly call this layer of grime “teeth sweaters.” But it has a real name: plaque. Plaque is common but it can cause poor oral health if you ignore it. Read below for more information on what plaque is and how to deal with it. What is Plaque? To best understand what exactly plaque is, let us paint you a picture of the inside of your mouth after a meal. After enjoying your delicious food, someone else (or something … Continue reading

Cosmetic Dentistry – A Beautiful Smile is a Powerful Thing

Cosmetic Dentistry - A Beautiful Smile

There is a law of nature that states: “function follows form.” This saying means that how something appears determines how it works. For example, you may own many screwdrivers of different sizes and shapes (form) to loosen all different kinds of screws (function). Think of a watering can with a long spout that’s perfect for pouring water right where you want it, versus one with a broad spout meant to cover large areas more quickly. When you think about it, this principle also applies to your smile. A mouth with missing teeth isn’t nearly as functional as a mouth with … Continue reading

HPV & Oral Cancer: What You Need to Know

HPV and Oral Cancer - CA

We love to talk about the fun and interesting sides of oral health, but today, there is something much more serious on our minds. We care about the health of everyone in Hemet, and as dental care professionals, we feel it is our duty to educate you on how to be as safe and healthy as you can be. While you have probably heard of the human papillomavirus and oral cancer, most people don’t know that they are linked. Here is some information from Dr. Jergensen about the topic. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Diamond … Continue reading

Stop Tooth Pain and Sensitivity Now!

Stop Tooth Pain and Sensitivity Now - CA

Why Are My Teeth Sensitive? There are many specialized toothbrushes and types of mouthwash and toothpaste available to Hemet residents who suffer from sensitive teeth. It is a very common problem that lots of products claim they can solve, but have you ever wondered why it exists? Today, we at Diamond Valley Dentist would like to explain what causes tooth sensitivity and how these products work. What Causes Sensitive Teeth? Do you find yourself ordering beverages without ice, drinking room temperature water, and waiting a long time for your coffee or tea to cool down? If you do, it’s probably … Continue reading

Dental Implants – A Security System for Your Smile

Dental Implants - A Security System for Your Smile - CA

Your mouth is an intelligent system made to work with every piece doing its part. When you’re missing a tooth, the empty spaces are more than unsightly; they can be dangerous. Your other teeth, your gums, and even the bones in your face rely on you having a full smile. Enter: dental implants. Thanks to improved technology, you can replace a single tooth or a whole row of teeth quickly and effectively. Dental implants can improve your overall oral health and are now considered the gold standard in tooth replacement technology. Dr. Jergensen at Diamond Valley Dentist in Hemet offers … Continue reading

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Heart

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Heart - CA

We all know that it’s important to take care of our health, but that’s often easier said than done. Health and hygiene routines are an investment of your time every day. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could accomplish more by actually doing less? When it comes to your oral health and heart health, you can! Taking care of one is actually taking care of the other. Count that as one less thing you have to do each day. Dr. Jergensen, Hemet dentist explains how oral health and heart health are closely connected. How Your Mouth Affects Your Heart … Continue reading

What Are Those Bumps? Oral Tori

What are Oral Tori - CA

Unusual shapes and growths can be alarming anywhere in the body. If you’ve noticed hard bumps growing in your mouth, you might have oral tori. What are Oral Tori? Tori (or a single torus) are bumps in the mouth made of bone tissue covered by gum tissue. They grow slowly and some people have them without ever noticing them! There are three kinds of tori, each named differently based on their location: Buccal exostoses: tori on the back, upper gums, on the cheek sideMaxillary/palatal tori: on the roof of the mouthMandibular lingual tori: on the lower jaw, under the tongue … Continue reading

To Be or Not to Be Sugar-Free: The Facts About Artificial Sweeteners

The Facts About Artificial Sweeteners - CA

Originally created for people unable to consume regular sugars, alternative and artificial sweeteners have become extremely popular in Hemet in all kinds of different products. From chewing gum to diet soda, Dr. Jergensen wants you to know which of these options are best for your dental and general health – so here are the facts about a few of the most common sweeteners. The Big Five Sugar Substitutes The benefits of artificial sweeteners were first recognized as a safe option for diabetics, but have since exploded in popularity because food, beverage, candy, and snack companies have discovered that it is … Continue reading

Dentists Are Doctors, Too!

Dentists are doctors - CA

There are many kinds of doctors – Doctors of English, Doctors of Philosophy, Doctors of Medicine, Dr. Pepper… (wink). Of course, when we use the term doctor, we most often mean a physician or doctor of medicine. But did you know that dentists are doctors, too? Every doctor has a specialty, and a dentist’s specialty is oral health. Dr. Jergensen, your Hemet dentist explains how dentistry is a specific branch of medicine, and what it all means for the link between oral health and overall wellness. Dentists Are Doctors Dentists are every bit as trained and educated as physicians. They … Continue reading

Smile: It’s Good for You!

Smiling is good for you - CA

Your smile is more powerful than you may know. Scientists have studied many aspects of smiling, such as how it affects your brain, your health, and your overall experience of life. Even the situation you’re in and the people around you are influenced by your smile. The findings may surprise you. Or – if you’re someone who smiles often – they may just confirm what you already know. Dr. Jergensen in Hemet loves a good smile and wants to help you smile more. Let us convince you to smile more and to maintain that smile with a healthy dental routine … Continue reading

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