Are you missing a tooth? Or several? You are probably aware of the change in your smile. You might not, however, be quite as conscious of the other changes tooth loss has triggered – bone loss, crooked teeth, less enjoyment in eating, or problems speaking clearly. Dr. Nathan Jergensen at Diamond Valley Dentist in Hemet, CA recommends dental bridges as a missing tooth replacement option for patients who are not candidates for dental implants or do not want implants.

Hemet, CA dentist explains dental bridges

Some people refer to a partial denture as a removable dental bridge, but a denture lacks the stability and comfort of a fixed bridge.

A bridge is a non-removable prosthetic containing one or more fabricated teeth. The bridge is generally anchored in place by crowns cemented to natural teeth adjacent to the gap. For multiple teeth replacement (three to five missing teeth in a row), a tooth bridge may be anchored by dental implants at each end of the space. A dental implant bridge has bone preserving benefits, without the expense of implants for all missing teeth. Plus, there is no need to grind down healthy teeth to hold crowns.

Getting a dental bridge

A conventional bridge basically involves the same steps as getting a stand-alone crown:

  • Anchor teeth are prepared
  • Impressions taken
  • The bridge is made at a dental laboratory
  • The unit is cemented into place

A bridge subjected to a great deal of bite force, such as at the back of the mouth, my consist of a metal frame with porcelain teeth. In an area subjected to less stress, like a dental bridge for front teeth, an all ceramic unit may be appropriate.

Benefits of a dental bridge

A bridge completes your smile. It also restores chewing function and keeps remaining teeth from shifting out of position (which can affect bite and cause TMJ problems). It is important to keep the bridge and mouth clean, to avoid risk of gum disease or tooth decay in the vicinity. The hygiene team at Diamond Valley Dentist provides hands on instruction in a special flossing technique for bridge patients.Are you in the Murrieta, Perris, Menifee, or Beaumont area? We’d love to tell you more about dental bridges. Call 951-458-6545 for an appointment in Hemet, CA.

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