Has it been a long time since you last saw a dentist? Has smoking, gum disease, or insufficient home oral hygiene left you with a multitude of dental problems? Have your teeth received damage from a vehicle accident or sports injury? Dr. Nathan Jergensen has the experience and in-office technologies to treat full mouth reconstruction cases with confidence. Diamond Valley Dentist in Hemet, CA has helped patients from Perris, Menifee, Murrieta, and Beaumont get their smiles back.

A dental makeover tailored to your needs

You are the most important member of the full mouth reconstruction team in Hemet, CA. The process begins with a comprehensive oral examination and an unhurried consultation.

Expect to talk with Dr. Jergensen about your:

  • Current state of oral health – periodontal disease, decay, tooth infection, dental trauma, missing teeth, alignment, and bite
  • Dental history – how your mouth got to its present condition
  • Current medical status and history, which may affect treatment choices
  • Goals to restore missing dental structures (what do you want to accomplish?)
  • Lifestyle, budget for dental treatment, and schedule
  • Sedation/anesthesia preferences

The doctor explains treatment options, and together you design a strategy to get your mouth in optimal condition. It may involve several days of intensive treatment, or a phased in approach that fits your timeline.

Diamond Valley Dentist offers in-house financing and several third-party financing options for out-of-pocket costs. Patients may also benefit from participation in the Diamond Valley Membership Club for discounted treatment.

What to expect from full mouth reconstruction

Getting back to normal after extensive dental work is generally much more straightforward than traumatic dental injury recovery. The work is precise and calculated for minimal tissue disturbance. Your comfort in the chair is ensured with anesthetic for local numbing, and general anesthesia if needed. You receive thorough aftercare instructions for uncomplicated recovery. You will likely be scheduled for at least one follow-up visit so Dr. Jergensen may monitor healing, and so you can ask questions.

What you can expect, more than anything else, is to be amazed at how great your mouth can look and feel with the right combination of dental treatments. Call 951-458-6545 to schedule a no-pressure/no-judgement full mouth reconstruction consultation with Dr. Jergensen at Diamond Valley Dentist in Hemet, CA.

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