Thirty-two may sound like a lot, but that is all the adult teeth we get, and they are meant to last a lifetime. Each tooth has an important role in appearance, diet, speech, respiration, comfort, and sleep. Custom-fit mouthguards from Diamond Valley Dentist in Hemet, CA protect teeth.

Children’s mouth guard protection

 There are 23 school districts in Murrieta, Menifee, Perris, Beaumont, and the rest of Riverside County; three private schools, and four community colleges. They all have something in common – each young athlete is required to wear a sports mouth guard for activities that present risk of trauma to the mouth, face, or head.

 There are three types of mouth protectors:

  • Stock – You can purchase this variety of kid’s mouth guard at a retail or sporting goods store. Stock mouthguards are inexpensive. However, fit cannot be adjusted, which makes the appliance uncomfortable and affords little protection.
  • Boil and bite – You warm this type of mouthguard in hot water to soften the plastic, then bite into it, using tongue and fingers to conform it somewhat to the shape of mouth and teeth.
  • Custom-fitted – Dr. Jergensen takes impressions of your mouth to create this individually-designed mouthguard. It is molded from a special type of plastic that provides superior cushioning yet resists bite-through. Most importantly, because a custom mouthguard is comfortable, your child is more likely to use it! A well-fitted sports mouthguard does not impeded breathing (or performance), and you can drink and speak with it inserted.

Adults in Hemet, CA benefit from mouthguards, too

An estimated ten million Americans suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). Its painful symptoms are often related to bruxism – involuntary clenching and grinding, usually during sleep. A custom night guard distributes bite force over the entire arch, alleviating the strain on jaw joints. It also protects teeth from fractures and wear. The device is discreet and comfortable – just slip it into your mouth at bedtime.

Does your budding athlete need a football mouth guard or a basketball mouthguard to participate in school sports? Would you feel better about your child wearing dental protection for horseback riding, gymnastics, skateboarding, or any other activity that could cause impact to the face? Are you concerned about concussions? Would you like to get better sleep wearing a night mouth guard, and wake without facial discomfort? Call Diamond Valley Dentist at 951-458-6545.

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