It is never too soon to give your pride and joy the benefit of a healthy mouth, with dentistry for children. The team at Diamond Valley Dentist in Hemet, CA is passionate about pediatric dentistry, because we are parents too. We know that starting with a kid-friendly dentist helps little ones develop a positive attitude toward dental care for life.

What to expect at a dentist office for kids

We recommend scheduling your child’s first visit by the first birthday, or sooner if teeth begin to emerge. This is a good opportunity for children to become accustomed to the sights and sounds of a dental office, and to get familiar with the people who will be providing care for many years to come. Early visits are upbeat and fun, as we count teeth, take a ride in the chair, and begin to establish healthy dental habits. It is also your chance to ask questions and take advantage of educational materials.

Here are some of the pediatric services we provide:

  • Our hygienists are known for building warm rapport that helps children relax for gentle teeth cleanings. They quickly learn there is nothing to fear and look forward to dental visits.
  • Dr. Jergensen takes as much time as needed to help the child feel comfortable before looking in the mouth. He then performs a thorough check, watchful for early signs of cavities or other issues, so they may be addressed in the earliest stages. The doctor also monitors oral development as your child grows.
  • Kids tend to get tooth decay in molars because they don’t have the motor skills to keep back teeth clean. Dental sealant is an added layer of protection. We suggest sealant as soon as adult molars come in. Treatment is quick and painless, and protection lasts several years.
  • If your child does get a cavity, it doesn’t have to spoil the smile. We repair tooth decay with strong, mercury-free composite fillings that blend beautifully with natural dentition.

Why parents drive to Hemet, CA for pediatric dentistry

Diamond Valley Dentist provides kid’s dental care for little patients from Perris, Murrieta, Menifee, Beaumont, and well beyond. Parents know their children get a level of gentle, personalized attention they might not receive at pediatric dental clinics.Are you looking for a “kid’s dentist near me?” Call Diamond Valley Dentist at 951-458-6545 for pediatric dentistry. Your child’s smile is worth the trip to Hemet, CA.

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