You have probably heard jokes and groans about “root canals.” In truth, the procedure gets you out of pain from an infected tooth root, saving a tooth that would otherwise require extraction. Dr. Nathan Jergensen answers these common questions about root canal treatment at Diamond Valley Dentist in Hemet, CA.

 What is endodontic therapy?

“Endodontic” refers to nerves and vascular tissues inside a tooth, referred to as pulp. When harmful oral bacteria find their way to the pulp at the center of the tooth, nerves become inflamed. As infection progresses, painful pressure builds inside the tooth. Endodontic treatment removes the source of your discomfort (nerves), while leaving most of the natural structure intact.

 When is root canal therapy needed?

 Pulp infection may be the result of untreated tooth decay or a cavity beneath old dental work. You could have a fracture or chip that compromises enamel, from dental trauma many years earlier. Repeated drilling on one tooth can also result in nerve irritation.

 If you have these symptoms, root canal therapy may be indicated:

  • A nagging toothache that comes and goes
  • Tenderness when you bite down on the tooth
  • Unusual sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Swelling of gum tissue
  • Pus seepage around a tooth
  • Facial swelling
  • Acute pain

 Do root canals hurt?

 In Hemet, CA, root canal treatment is minimally traumatic, and the first order of business is root canal pain relief. The mouth is thoroughly numbed. Dr. Jergensen opens the tooth, which alleviates pressure in the pulp chamber. Areas of decay or damage are removed. Using special endodontic instruments, the pulp is removed, and canals are sanitized. The tooth is sealed and protected with a temporary restoration. The doctor may prescribe antibiotics to fight infection. Any temporary residual discomfort can usually be managed with over-the-counter analgesics.

 Why is a root canal crown needed?

 The treated tooth does not require pulp to remain in the jawbone. However, without blood flow, it can become brittle. Dr. Jergensen recommends protecting the tooth with a strong porcelain crown. The crown encircles the portion of the tooth above the gumline, protecting against breakage. Are you searching for a root canal dentist in the Perris, Murrieta, Menifee, or Beaumont area? You are assured of prompt root canal treatment from Dr. Jergensen at Diamond Valley Dentist in Hemet, CA. Call 951-458-6545 for an appointment.

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