Has fear of the dentist kept you from scheduling regular checkups or much-needed treatment? Is your mouth uncomfortable and your smile less attractive as a result of dental anxiety? You are not alone. About 15 percent of our population – male and female; all ages – avoid dental treatment because of this phobia. Dr. Nathan Jergensen and his team at Diamond Valley Dentist in Hemet, CA can help you overcome dental anxiety with gentle treatment techniques, a soothing office atmosphere, and sedation dentistry.

In Hemet, CA you have sedation dentistry options

  • Oral sedation dentistry – After a thorough review of your medical history, the doctor may prescribe a sedative in pill form. Take one dose the night before your appointment so you rest peacefully, and another just before treatment. You remain conscious (breathing normally, responsive to conversation, and able to move around), but calm and unconcerned about dental treatment. You will need a ride home since you may be groggy, but you will awake refreshed and with little recollection of the procedure.
  • Sedation for kids – Nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” is a pleasantly scented inhaled sedative. It is beneficial for adults with mild dental anxiety or fear of needles. Nitrous oxide is safe for children, too. It helps to create pleasant early experiences in the dental chair, promoting a healthy attitude toward dentistry for life. Sedation wears off almost immediately after flow of gas is stopped.

When sedation dentistry makes sense

Dental sedation is not always about overcoming anxiety. If you need extensive treatment, the work can often be completed in one visit with sedation. You do not have to miss work multiple times, and there is less chance of jaw, neck, or back strain since your body is relaxed. Plus, appointment time seems to pass very quickly.

Sedation can also be a good choice for an individual with an active gag reflex or excessive salivation, or anyone who has difficulty emotionally or physically sitting still for the duration of treatment.

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